This high school football season in Louisiana has been incredible. More specifically in Class 4A District 4, the play on the football field has been on another level. Whether it's Westgate, St. Thomas More, LCA, or the Teurlings Rebels, the Acadiana region showed up and showed out.

The Teurlings Rebels took a significant leap this season. Last season the Rebels were average at best sitting at 6-5. This year they matured and went to a different stratosphere finishing 12-1. Now they are gearing up to face LCA this Friday, where the winner will advance to the state championship. Here are 3 reasons why Teurlings will beat LCA to go to the state championship game.

1. Preston Welch Has That Dog In Him

Teurlings wouldn't have made the leap they did without quarterback Preston Welch. I've produced Teurlings football for the past two years now and last year Welch showed moments of greatness. It would flicker on and off like a baby firefly. However this season he transformed into a diamond.

The way Welch grew this season was extremely impressive. To say Welch was only a sophomore last year shows the maturity of the kid at such a young age.  The Saint Martin Parish game of the week play-by-play announcer Mike "The Bandit" Bernard had this to say about Welch:

Teurlings has an outstanding QB in junior Preston Welch and his favorite target is one of the top receivers in the state in Kentrell Prejean. The connection between Welch and Prejean is magical. For a junior his accuracy has been very impressive.

In the words of the kids today, Welch is HIM. However, when you speak of Welch you can't forget his amazing wide receiver room. Hayden Vice, Kentrell Prejean, and Bradford Cain were awesome this year. Welch and these guys complemented each other so well.

If Preston Welch and the passing game show up Friday then Teurlings will be one step away from holding up the state championship trophy.

2. Teurlings IS A Cohesive Unit, & Plays Great Team Football

One thing that was consistent with Teurlings this season was the way they play team football. When one form of the game isn't working Teurlings doesn't pout and say it's over, no they find a way to win. And they do it together as a team. When the passing game is moving slowly the Rebels will say okay well let us go to our amazing running back Tanner Brinkman. Or let's say the defensive line can't get pressure on the other quarterback, no problem the linebackers will step up to draw some pressure. Teurlings play-by-play announcer Cavan Bordelon had this to say about the way Teurlings plays great team ball:

They went through the fire. The quarterback went from a sophomore to a junior and that was a big leap. But the entire team matured. They find multiple ways to win. No matter if there are bad weather conditions or great conditions. This team will find a way to win. Whether it's running the ball or throwing it, this team is versatile. And it's not just on the offensive end but the defensive end as well. There’s no quit in the defense. They really play team defense. There’s no real star on the defensive side of the ball but that doesn't matter because they play disciplined team football. They tackle as a unit and they pursue as a unit. This team was 12-1 for a reason.

Brandon Comeaux color commentator for LCA had this to say about Teurlings and the  way they execute as a team on a high level:

Teurlings is a TEAM in every sense of the word. Their talent is maximized by the fact that they play so hard as a unit each and every game and they are such a cohesive bunch. They are having one of the best seasons in program history because those guys have bought into their coaching staff’s plans for them. This team has earned everything they’ve gotten this season

3. Teurlings Played LCA Already & Won

Now this last one I know some of you are thinking well it's hard to beat a team twice, and sure that may be true in some situations. However, in this one, I believe that the first win showed this team hey we are for real and can compete. You add that to the fact that after that win they just went on a tear. And they haven't slowed down since. Teurlings is at its best right now. And if they continue the path they've been on they will win Friday and head to a state championship game. Or in the words of Cavan Bordelon "This is an opportunity to go to the dome. They’ve played once already and if you need motivation at this point you’re in trouble. And if you don't come out ready to go, you will look like LSU versus Texas A&M.".

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