We're more than halfway through the season and the question arises, who will be the Sun Belt's bowl representatives?

Here's a look at the candidates:

TROY (6-2) is in.

ARKANSAS STATE (5-2)  Games remaining:  at South Alabama, Texas State, at ULM, Troy:  The Red Wolves just need one more win and they'll be favored in all four games, although that finale against Troy could be dicey.

APPALACHIAN STATE (5-3)  Games remaining:  at ULM, Georgia Southern, at Georgia State, Louisiana--Mountaineers had an inexplicable loss Saturday at UMASS.  They don't play any of the top preseason teams and shouldn't have any trouble getting to six wins.  Of course they have their eyes set on bigger things.  ULM has lost three straight and Georgia Southern is winless.  The game at Georgia State looks to be their biggest obstacle.

GEORGIA STATE (4-3):  Games remaining:  at Georgia Southern, at Texas State, Appalachian State, Idaho--Georgia State had a game cancelled because of Hurricane Irma and could get into a bowl with a 5-6 record.  They'll be favored in their next two games, and will probably be favored in the finale against Idaho as well.

LOUISIANA (3-4):  Games remaining:  at South Alabama, at Ole Miss, New Mexico State, Georgia Southern, at Appalachian State.  It won't be easy for the Cajuns to get to six wins.  They're underdogs next week in Mobile and will certainly be underdogs at Ole Miss and Appalachian State.  That game in Mobile is a must for the Cajuns if they're to have a shot.

NEW MEXICO STATE (3-5)  Games remaining:  at Texas State, at Louisiana, Idaho, South Alabama.  The Aggies need three of the last four and it's doable.  They might wind up being favored in all four games.  But first things first with the Bobcats next week.

IDAHO (3-5)  Games remaining:  at Troy, Coastal Carolina, at New Mexico State, at Georgia State.  The Vandals should beat Coastal, but none of the other three will be easy.  They'll be decided underdogs at Troy this Thursday.

ULM (3-5)  Games remaining:  Appalachian State, at Auburn, Arkansas State.  The losses the last two weeks probably have done the Warhawks in.

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