The Ragin Cajuns Athletic Foundation has announced their first fundraiser in the "public phase" of fundraising for the renovations at Russo Park.

Dubbed the "Home Run Challenge," fans and supporters can contribute at different levels, beginning at $100.00.  Fans who contribute at that level will get their names on a campaign plaque to be displayed during the 2018 season.  For every 125 donors at the $100.00 level, the RCAF has secured pledges from different donors to add an additional $25,000 to the fund.

If 500 supporters give $100.00 each, the matching bonus funds will bring the total raised to $100,000.00.

Contributors will also get RCAF Priority Points.

The University announced earlier this week that 75% of the 16.8 million dollar renovation has been secured, which moved the fund raising project from the silent to the public phase.

To get involved and learn how you can contribute to even higher levels, click here.

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