Back in January, Louisiana High School Athletic Association Executive Director Eddie Bonine spoke out against a proposal to allow select schools to break away and hold their championships separately from other LHSAA championships.  Bonine said at the time he felt it was the first step toward separate governance.

Was today the second step?

A two thirds majority of select schools voted today to form the Louisiana Select Association, a sub-group of the LHSAA which would reportedly focus on the administration of championship events.

From the Advocate:

“This is not an attempt to split away from the LHSAA,” Catholic High Athletic Director J.P. Kelly over the weekend. “In fact, Adam MacDowell (LHSAA assistant executive director) was at our meeting in New Orleans and the schools there said they are 100 percent in favor unification of the LHSAA. We have offered to do anything we can to help that process. The LHSAA has helped us by answering questions over the last few months. This is a way for select schools to be organized.”

Negotiations have already begun between the select schools and various venues, including the University of Louisiana to possibly host select school championships.



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