For the last decade the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns have used the running game to open the passing game.  But that usually relies on experienced receivers.  The Cajuns have talented wide outs, but are short on game experience.

That's not the case with the Cajuns Tight Ends.  Neal Johnson is entering his fifth season and is the Cajuns leading returning receiver.  Pearse Migl will be playing in his sixth year of college football.  Don't be surprise as Migl puts, if the tight ends end up being quarterback Ben Wooldridge's 'security blanket'.


I think anytime you got returning players that have played, you're talking about Neal Johnson and Pearse Migl have been here for what, five years now, one going on six years and stuff like that. So when you have experience like that, it makes my job easy.

And the fact that the offense hasn't changed since the day that they got here. It really hasn’t.  They've added some stuff. We’ve added some stuff. Maybe last year, just a little bit, but really, the terminology is all the same. The rules are all the same. They're phenomenal human beings. They're great kids, they are great young men.

And so they're just an absolute pleasant to be around. They're good football players. They work hard. They're great leaders. It's probably one of the best rooms depth-wise I've had at any position.

With the caliber that we have there. We brought in 10 guys into the camp. So that's a lot. That's a lot, but right now we're down to five guys. So it's a good thing that we brought in 10, because right now because of injuries and different things, we’re down to five guys right now, but they're still working hard.  

We’re thankful that we have at least one more week to go still. There are some things that we‘ve got to get cleaned up just like always and that'll be the case in Week 8, 9 and 10 as well.  But I feel really good about where we're at right now.

There's been lots of preseason hype and stuff like that, which is fantastic, which is good.  Now we’ve got to go prove what we can do on the field though, which we haven't done just yet. But I think we're looking forward to seeing what that looks like.


It’s been going great  We’ve been going out, trying to get that work in every day, getting everybody ready. Really just been going against each other, iron sharpens iron.  Really been helping us a lot. 


These quarterbacks, we love them as a tight-end group. They love us.I think we're kind of a security blanket for them. That's a good feeling to have. So there's no shortage of love coming from the quarterbacks as well.

I think to be able to count on this team and count on this group of tight ends, we’ve got to starting now in camp, we are gonna start early and start strong of showing that you can count on these guys. You know me, Terrence, Neal, Damani and all the young guys that are getting playing time as well. They can count on us, to be the ones at the point of attack to be the ones, making the big catches and all that.

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