Vice President of Athletics for the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns Dr. Bryan Maggard joined Dave Schultz on Thursday's SportsChat to discuss those plans.


What are the modern and enhanced amenities coming to Our Lady of Lourdes Stadium?

I think everything in the Main Concourse. Well actually have a lower concourse, you know on that west side as well. Concessions, outside vendor opportunities, airflow things that simple right?

It's just going to be an experience that people will greatly enjoy I believe.


We went into this design Dave knowing that whatever we build, one, we’re probably gonna get one chance to do it right, and two, every decision we make has to center around how do you get people to leave the comfort of their home to come to our game?

And so every decision pretty much that we made in this design process kind of started with that.

I'll tell you what I'm most excited about is the fact that every fan will have an improved experience, not just premium seat fans, not just the general fans, but everybody will have an opportunity to have a much better experience.

How will the new stadium deal with long lines for concessions?

On that lower concourse will be loge boxes, as well as a lot of grab-and-go and draft beverage stations. So we're going to try to head off a lot of concession needs in that lower concourse to minimize congestion up top in the Main Concourse.

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But the Main Concourse is going to be designed in a way, from a concession standpoint and systematically where we're going to avoid, you know, these lines a queue deep into the concourse.

It’s be a very efficient system. And on top of that, we're going to make sure that we have the amount of power and electricity we need to have a lot more outside vendor stations.

When does the demolition begin and how will it work?

As I said in the press conference, you know, this is going to be what's considered an excavation, demolition, and not an implosion definition. I think a lot of people thought, you know, dynamite or someone's going to be rigged, you know, push a button and the thing just crumbles.

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So anyway, it'll be what's called an excavation demolition. And that machine that is parked on the south, outside of the south end of the stadium, envisioned like this really giant crane arm and it's got this huge mouth, you know, this bucket with teeth, and it's just going to take down that upper deck by my bite.

I think I don't know for sure. I think they're going to start on the south end and work their way north.

attachment-Faulkinberry Tower

The south of that, so that crane is the crane going to be inside or outside or outside on the outside. So when I line up there on December 11, to get great videos.

So you know, I will know more, obviously, as we get closer to that date. Well, let's see if they start at 8am right on the left.

I'm sure they'd be gonna be plenty of people there, right. We're not selling. There's no charge for admission right. Now if you want to take a day off of work or stop by and park and check it out and just watch that thing come down. You can certainly do that. Yeah.


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