Keyon Martin, a transfer from Youngstown State, where he was the BMOC, was sitting behind former Ragin’ Cajuns corner Eric Garror when he transferred to Louisiana.  Martin said he learned a tremendous amount, 'working while he waited’, some may say.

But with some openings in the Ragin’ Cajuns defensive backfield this season, Martin does not lack the confidence to go up against the Sun Belt’s best wide receivers.

He also knows exactly what he wants to do when his football career is over, sports broadcasting.


Yeah, that's the main thing. I want to get into media. I’ve got a podcast called The Situation Sitdown on YouTube with me and Pat Mensahm, one of the other players, another DB.  

But I do want to get into media, that's one thing I want to get into sports broadcasting because I love football. I love talking about it. I love sharing my opinion. I feel like I can, I'm pretty good. I have a pretty good personality that people want to grasp and listen to. So that's one thing that I always wanted to get into. 

I finish up my degree here next spring, and, hope when football's over with, once I do my thing in NFL, hopefully I can get a seat on CBS Sports or ESPN. That's what I'm shooting for.

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