Week 1 - Deano's 

Week 2 - Alesi’s

Week 3 - BJs

Week 4 - Pizza Village

It was time to review Central Pizza & Bar in our 103.3 The Goat Lafayette Pizza Wars and i knew this going in, but it was still a bit of a sticker shock.

margherita pizza with pepperoni & meatball was almost $30.  That’s one, two-topping pizza for thirty bucks. I’m all about supporting the local economy, but c’mon, that’s pricey.


Having said that, I ordered my pizza and they said it would be ready in 30 minutes.  I received a text message and the pizza was ready in less than 20 minutes, which is great, but I was still 10 minutes away.  My first thought was ‘UH-OH’, but my second thought was ‘no chance this pizza is going to be well done’. 

Upon arrival, my greatest fear was realized, the pizza needed to be put back in the oven. No big deal and it came out five minutes later looking perfect.

I raced back to the station where Lynden was producing Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns softball, but I had to record an interview for the show.  In the middle of the interview, Lynden texted me.

attachment-IMG_4505 2

Eventually, I got my chance and while I may not think it’s the best, it was very good.  The pepperonis appeared to be on steroids. They were huge.  The sliced meatballs had a bit of cajun spice in them. The pizza was absolutely delicious.  

attachment-IMG_4504 3

In terms of pizza, right now, I’d put Central Pizza & Bar right behind Deano’s.  It’s a great place to eat and grab a drink if you’re in or around Downtown Lafayette.  FYI - Plenty of good bourbon choices - NO I didn’t have any in the middle of the day.

But know this going in, as good as the pizza tastes, it’ll cost more than a pizza usually does.

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