Week 2 of the Lafayette Pizza Wars - Alesi’s

Last week we, or in this case, I, enjoyed a pizza from Deano’s.  And it was just as I remembered.  Deano’s happened to be first because it’s between my place and the station.

This week it’s Alesi’s turn.  Being a just a few blocks from my place, Alesi’s is also an easy pick up. And this week Lynden & Joe Cunningham (KPEL-FM) enjoyed a slice or two.

A different kind of presentation for my pepperoni and meatball pizza.  Instead of bits of beef or meatball spread out across the pizza, the meatball comes sliced.  And like Deano’s last week, there are plenty of toppings on the 10” pizza.


While it should’ve been expected because I ordered a pizza in Lafayette, Louisiana, I was still surprised the meatballs had a little cajun kick to them, which I liked.

As per usual, I like my pizzas well-done, so more on the crispy/crunchy side and as you can see, the pizza was well-done, but not burnt.

I’ll do better next time, but I picked it up about 10-15 minutes after it was supposed to be ready.  Not sure why, but my math was off when I should've picked it up.

So I thought it was a bit dry.  That’s on me and all that it means, is we’ll have another Alesi’s pizza to get a better idea.

Still, I thought it Alesi’s was good and had a distinct taste difference from Deano’s.  Especially the slightly spicy meatballs.  I’ll be on time next time.

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