Week 1 - Deano's 

Week 2 - Alesi’s

Week 3 - BJs

The worst part of this review will be trying to get crosstown in Lafayette, Louisiana in the middle of the day.  It took me 38 min to go 10 miles.  From my apartment just off of Johnston, to Pizza Village to Townsquare Media.  So basically, Johnston to Camilia to Kaliste Saloom back to Camilia all the way to Eraste Landry.  One those “It is what it is” deals I guess.


Nonetheless, it’s 103.3 The GOAT Lafayette Pizza Wars day and today Pizza Village was up.  I can readily admit the last time I had Pizza Village was probably 2017 and/or 2018 and it was never high on my list.  But I’m always will to trying something again.  

Except vegetables.  Sorry mom.

Checking over the menu, I wanted to order an 11” inch and although I thought it was a bit pricey, I ended up ordering the 13" pizza.  Dave Schultz SUUUUUUPER Genius.  

Still, I was looking forward to it, with pepperoni and hamburger. And after last week’s undercooked pie, not only was I going to check if it was cooked, I wasn’t going to hesitate to ask to cook it for five more minutes.

No need.  

Pizza was well done and covered in pepperoni and little hamburger pellets.  Regardless of  complaining about the prices of pizza these days, I will say they aren’t cheap with the toppings.  So far, each of places we’ve tasted have been very generous.


This pizza was just the way I like it.  Maybe even a little too well done as the crust was actually crunchy.  To my surprise, the pepperoni nor hamburger had any cajun kick to it, but was still very good.

All in all, I was impressed with Pizza Village today.  Now, if we could do something about to elevate the traffic issues in Lafayette.  

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