Despite living in Lafayette for more than five years (2013-2019) and just down the road, I never had pizza from BJ’s Pizza and Deli.  So I was looking forward to it.

From my car in the Oakborne Country Club parking lot, following the announcement of the Ragin’ Cajuns Golf team going to the Norman, Oklahoma Regional, I ordered my a 10”, pepperoni and beef (hamburger), well-done pizza.  Turns out the well-done part was important.

They told me it would be ready in 20 minutes, which was fine because I figured it would take me that long or longer to get across town.  Always an issue in Lafayette.

To my delight, I arrived in less than 15 minutes and the pizza was waiting for me.  That’s a win-win.


Of course, I took a look to make sure they got the order right.  Plenty of pepperoni and beef on there, but it was not well-done.  I’m not one to complain, so I happily paid for it and returned to the station.

I should’ve asked them to cook it for another five minutes. At least.

The pepperoni and beef tasted fine, but the pizza was undercooked. It tasted like the slice of pizza we got in elementary school. The difference was, that was one big slice of pizza, mostly dough, and these were cut into small rectangles.  Which I like.  You can have three to four pieces, and that’s like one slice from a national brand.

I don’t mind saying I was disappointed, but knew going into the Lafayette Pizza Wars, there would be some places not as good as others.  That’s the point.

Based on my reaction, Lynden didn’t even want to try it, so I took what was left home with me.


I only had two small pieces left and did what I typically do with leftover pizza; I stuck it in the toaster oven. Not a microwave.  Never a microwave.  Don't you dare.  And wouldn’t you know it, VOILÀ!  What a difference a cooked crust made.  The cheese, pepperoni, and hamburger all tasted better.


Just like Alesi’s needed a mulligan because I picked it up a bit later than I should have, I’ll give a mulligan to BJ’s as well. Next time I will stress the well-done part.  I have a feeling it’ll be much, much better.

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