We talk about "Saturday Night in the Sun Belt" when it comes to inconsistent officiating.

Well, evidently, life in Conference USA isn't much better. Even on Thursday.

Louisiana Tech player Jacobi Boykins  pictured here in a game against Louisiana last year)

Brad Kemp/RaginCajuns.com
Brad Kemp/RaginCajuns.com

was ejected in the Bulldogs' game against Charlotte Thurday when he got a steal and a dunk and smiled at a Charlotte player.

It was Boykins' second technical of the game, prompting an automatic ejection.

There was an official standing right near the play who called nothing.  The technical was called from mid court by a different official.

CUSA Coordinator of Officials Curtis Shaw (who called his fair share of "T"s while he was officiating was contacted by the Sporting News, and was quoted as saying "It has been addressed per conference policy."

Which means the official was probably told he shouldn't have done it.

Is that good enough?  When something so asinine goes public, an explanation of what action, if any, was taken should be given.  Conferences need to send a message that officials are held accountable when they make stupid calls like this one.  And, that includes making any discipline public.

You can see the video of the incident here.  beIn Sports was televising the game.  Jason Capel is the color commentator.


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