Ragin’ Cajuns football is just days away as Louisiana is finishing up preparations to take on the Lions of Southeastern. All fall camp long, Coach Desormeaux has made it clear that he likes to rotate a number of guys at every position rather than having a workhorse for each one. This hasn’t stopped Cajun fans from wondering who is going to be the face of some key positions left empty from last year.

We finally have the answer as the Cajuns have released their depth chart for Saturday night’s game.

Let's break down the offensive and defensive starters, surprises, and who to keep an eye on to play a big role.

Let's look at the offense.


Let's address the QB position as that's likely where everyone’s eyes are looking first. Chandler Fields has been listed first on the chart with Ben Wooldridge coming in behind him. Coach Dez has already made it really clear that even though Fields is the starter, Ben will get some meaningful snaps early on this season, and the staff will evaluate and adjust as the season continues.

What's notable is no other quarterbacks are listed behind Wooldridge, even though others are on the roster.

Coach Desormeaux noted in fall camp it would be an open competition for #3 on the depth chart, but as of now, it looks like the competition hasn't been closed.

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At running back, Chirs Smith is the number one back and coach Des has said that he will get the bulk of the snaps. This is a change from what we have seen in the past where the Cajuns have had multiple guys who normally shared the load. While the coaching staff believes in all three guys behind Smith, this is not the same backfield with the multiple workhorses it's had in the past.

At WR, keep an eye on Jacob Bernard at the slot. He is a guy coaches have been high on. He didn’t see a whole lot of action last season as a backup but will take on a starting role this season. Bernard is known for his shifty route running and great hands.

How about the defense?


The defensive line is one area of the team where the name on top of the depth chart doesn’t mean they necessarily play the majority of snaps. It's a deep group the staff loves to rotate. Keep your eyes on Jordan Lawson and Mason Narcisse. Both are players that teammates and coaches expect to play a fair share of meaningful snaps and contribute in a big way.

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Andre Jones is listed at a new position as he will play the outside linebacker role for the first time in his career. Jones is excited about his new role, noting he looks forward to showing fans what he can do at the spot.

There aren’t any big surprises on the defensive side. Most guys expected to slide into a starting role have done so.

However, keep your eyes on the starting linebackers. The coaching staff has pointed out how the new fast style of play benefits the position.

Louisiana's Ragin' Cajuns kickoff their season at Cajun Field against the Lions of Southeastern this Saturday at 6 P.M.

The radio pregame show begins on ESPN Lafayette at 5:00 pm.

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