The Louisiana High School Athletics Association is the organization whose mission it is to oversee high school sports in Louisiana. Recently the association has come under fire for what many see as decisions, policies, and procedures that are not really in the best interest of the member schools or the athletes of those schools. Of course that is just some people's opinion.

However, those people that share a not so shiny view of the LHSAA have begun to create an alternative to the organization. This new oversight body would be known as the Louisiana High School Sports Cooperative. This LHSSC group would have member schools from both the public and private sector. The executive director of the organization is Paul Rainwater.

Mr. Rainwater spoke to the Louisiana Radio Network and in his comments he explained some of the differences between this new organization and the LHSAA. Among the easiest to explain is the lack of an annual fee by member schools.

It basically has a $15,000 onetime fee that would go into an operational fund that would stay there and pay for the things that happen on an annual basis.

The group needs to have 60 schools join as members to begin the process of becoming the sanctioning body. Rainwater says that his group is in current discussions to hold many of their championship events on campus at LSU.

We’ve had conversations at LSU, and they said they would be very interested in having those conversations and negotiating out costs.

If all goes according to plan the LHSSC could be up and running in time to be a player in the 2016-2017 school year and athletic season.  Invitations to join the LHSSC have been extended to schools throughout the state. It is now up to those principals and school leaders to decide which sanctioning body is best for their particular school.

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