The New Orleans Pelicans can do the unimaginable in one game, and do it again in the next, but in two very different ways.

Last weekend is a perfect example.

On Friday night, the Pelicans led the Phoenix Suns 102-91 after 3 quarters. They went on to lose the 4th quarter 41-12, setting the kind of record no teams wants to set in the process.

As Lopez points out, the worst by any team. As in any team ever.

With a historically awful performance in the fourth quarter, New Orleans returned to action on Sunday, hosting the Boston Celtics on ABC in front of a nationally televised audience.

Trailing by 24 with 6:39 to go in the 3rd quarter, even the most optimistic Pelican fan was dubious about a potential comeback.

Guess what happen?

From the wrong side of history to the ride side of history. From one game to the next. It's the New Orleans Pelicans.

Here are a few more stats from Andrew Lopez to highlight the yin and yang of this team.

As the young core of the Pelicans continues to develop, expect more extreme highs and lows this season.

There's one thing we can say about New Orleans, they aren't boring.

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