New Orleans Saints placekicker Wil Lutz is obviously a class act.

Lutz, who kicked the game-winning field goal in Sunday's 21-18 win over the Cleveland Browns, continues to show support for opposing kicker Zane Gonzalez, who didn't have the best day.

Gonzalez missed two extra points and two field goals, including a potential game-tying 52-yarder with :08 remaining.

With the loss, the Browns fell to 1-32-1 since the start of the 2016 season.

He also showed continued support for Gonzalez on social media:

This is what make sports so great though. You can't have the thrill of victory, without also having the agony of defeat. You can't appreciate the great moments, without going through the awful moments. You can't understand success, without grappling with failure.

Pro sports is a business, and if you don't perform, you get cut, because you aren't good for business.

Zane Gonzalez is going to get cut. I don't think there's much question about that. We know it, the Browns know it, and Gonzalez knows it.

When that happens, it's going to be up to Gonzalez to determine if Sunday is going to define him. If he doesn't ever rebound, with any team, then it will. But he can also keep working hard, earn himself another chance somewhere, and change the perception of him.

This isn't a movie; so there's no guarantee of a happy ending. But that's also what makes sports so great. It has long been, and will likely always be, the best of reality television.

Good for Lutz for showing support to Gonzalez though; he understands that it's business, not personal.

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