On Monday, the College Football National Championship aired across the country, pitting the Cinderella-story TCU Horned Frogs against the powerhouse Georgia Bulldogs.

A vast majority of fans had tuned out by the end of the first half when the score was 38-7 Georgia.

The rout didn't end until Georgia put up a 60-burger on poor TCU, who couldn't catch a break all night.

Plenty of fans were disappointed by the lack of competition, but I doubt any expressed their frustrations as well as Randy the Plumber.

This Miss State-hat-wearing red-blooded American had the courage to call out the Committee, and his video is a must watch.

This is just absolute peak sports fan stuff here. And if you'd indulge me, I'd like to rate my 3 favorite parts of the video.

3. "Luckily he dropped the ball."

Any sports fan knows the feeling of starting a rant while a game is going, and in the middle of a play you see something happening that seems like it's going to illustrate your point beautifully, only for it to fall short.

What makes Randy elite is that he rolled with it like it was nothing. Thank heavens the Georgia receiver dropped that ball, or Randy may have ended up too apoplectic to finish the rest of this hall of famer.

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2. "This is a barnfire!"

A disaster, a barnfire. Is this what college football is supposed to look like? Randy doesn't know but he does know he and every other college football fan is owed a personal apology from the Committee.

It's still not clear if that's before or after they lose their jobs.

3. "What have you given us?"

Ok this may be a slightly biased pick. I'm a huge nerd and a sucker for fantastical dialogue. The fury in Randy's voice, the accusatory nature of his questions, it just feels like he's asking the heavens above what tortures they have wrought upon the college football faithful. Just an absolute all time moment.

Might have even earned him a job.

Randy also put out an all-time live reaction to the wild ending of Miss State and Illinois in the Reliaquest Bowl.

The Committee doesn't need to listen to Randy.

They need to hire him. Every decision they make should go through him first. He'd be the most electric spokesman in the NCAA.

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