To say the least, the Dallas Cowboys were electric in 2023.

Currently sitting at 11-5, the team is certainly going in the right direction. With a playoff spot clinched, the team has many hoping for a trip to the big game in Nevada. But, there is still much to be done before the Cowboys take the field in the playoffs.

One of the biggest helps at home is, of course, the fans of the team. We've seen the lengths fans of the team go to, even in Central Texas! But have you seen a video for the standing room only spots?

But, we won't be talking about the running of the fans, we'll be discussing the antics during the contest. What happened you ask? Let's examine.

One Video Leaves Us Scratching Our Heads In The Lone Star State

Recently on Tik Tok, a video was posted of fans at the Cowboys-Lions game:

Uhhh, ok, what did we just watch? This doesn't make much sense but we'll try to break it down as best we can. It looks like the girl shown in the beginning may have had too much to drink, or simply wasn't feeling well.

Second, why was a Lions fan dancing around the poor girl? Doesn't make much sense does it? We'll give a pass to the young Cowboys fan dancing, he probably wasn't aware of the situation.

So suffice to say, things got weird at the Cowboys-Lions game. But here's the thing we can say for certain, that Lions fan wasn't dancing at the end of the game!

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