The Stylebender, Israel Adesanya, knocked out Alex Pereira for his first victory against the fighter across two different martial arts leagues.

Pereira has had Izzy's number in both kickboxing and UFC, but the Stylebender put him on the mat this time.

His "bow and arrow" celebration was just the beginning of a long victory lap taken by Adesanya.

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In his post-fight interview, Izzy took the mic and gave a message of inspiration about resolve and happiness.

But it isn't all triumph and inspiration from the Stylebender. Adesanya showed off an unrivaled level of pettiness and shows that he doesn't forget anything.

After knocking out Pereira, Adesanya found Pereira's son in the crowd and threw himself to the floor, playing dead, just like how Pereira's son did to him after his first loss to Alex.

Izzy explains it in his own words here.


Savage? Yes. Out of pocket? Absolutely.

Pereira responded to it in an interview yesterday.

Personally, I think this is a bit much. You're gonna hold on to the actions of a kid, who at the time was 5 years old, and hold that much of a grudge that over 7 years later, when you finally beat kiddo's dad, that actually comes to your mind?

Just feels like a bit of a weak-minded move. But then again, Adesanya admitted himself that it was petty, so who am I to judge?

Nonetheless, taunting a kid after knocking out his dad is cold, and Adesanya has cemented his legacy with not only the fight itself, but the victory lap he's taken since.

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