Lafayette's own Dustin Poirier took a loss earlier this year to Justin Gaethje; however, Poirier isn't staying down. Many thought he would consider retirement, but Poirier has much more juice in the tank. He took to Twitter(X) to state how he wants to fight again this year.

Poirier also added that he is looking to fight at 155 lbs. Poirier has previously stated how he would love to bring the UFC to New Orleans. If that happened for his next fight, the building would be packed and the atmosphere would be electric. New Orleans is one of the best sports cities. There's a reason why the Sugar Bowl lives in New Orleans and why the NBA All-Star game is always in New Orleans. Louisiana deserves to host a UFC fighting event.

I know many would like to see Poirier fight McGregor or Gaethje again; however, I personally think he needs a fight before the Gaethje rematch. Allow Poirier to get right and get a win. I don't think McGregor will fight again. So you could match up Poirier for a Chandler rematch before the Gaethje rematch. Who would you like to see Poirier face?

Pro Athletes From the Acadiana Area

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