Many fans of the New Orleans Saints probably found themselves struggling just a bit to figure out where to watch last night's NFL matchup with the Arizona Cardinals. The game was on Prime Video from Amazon. No, it's not a new service it's just a service that many football fans are used to figuring out how to use.

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So, assuming that many of you eventually found a way to stream the game I am sure that your next thought was "is this going to be another Thursday night stinker of a game". The previous NFL games presented on Thursday night have been horrendous.

Back on September 29th the football world was shocked by the Tua Tagovailoa hit that saw the Miami quarterback literally quivering on the ground after a huge sack. Then the week following was maybe the worst football game ever played in the history of the NFL when the Colts managed to suck just a little bit less than the Broncos.

Miami Dolphins v Cincinnati Bengals
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Last week was yet another snooze fest between the Washington Commanders and the Chicago Bears. At least one of the teams scored a touchdown in that game and finally last night it was New Orleans versus Arizona in Phoenix.

We can at least say the two teams scored some points and we wouldn't be lying if we said Andy Dalton threw for multiple touchdowns. Unfortunately for Andy, two of those TD passes were touchdowns for the other team.

Andy Dalton
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As you might imagine the Twitter trolls were having a field day at the expense of Andy, the Saints, and the entire NFL Thursday Night product. Okay, Andy did deserve some grief, but you can't really blame him for this one.

Meanwhile, the Twitterverse had fun mocking everybody who had anything to do with the game.

I mean, the Tweet isn't wrong. And then there was this dig at the NFL Thursday Night franchise which I have to say, again is not wrong.

There was even a reference to former Carolina Panthers and Saints quarterback and revered Louisiana Ragin Cajun Alumnus Jake Delhomme.

If you don't recall Jake had one of the worst games of his life in Arizona back in 2009. He was responsible for five turnovers in a playoff game just in case you didn't get that reference.

So, what have we learned? We've learned that NFL fans are not really excited about watching football games on Amazon. I'm sure that will improve the more commonplace the idea becomes but based on the calls we got here at the radio station, not a lot of you knew the game would not be on "real TV".

Wild Card Round - Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints
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We've also learned that the Saints aren't nearly as good as we hoped they might be. The defense would have done enough to win the game if the offense hadn't turned the ball over.

Oh, and one other thing, does the Saints coaching staff have something against Alvin Kamara this year? He certainly doesn't seem to be getting any touches in and around the goal line. Y'all think that's on purpose?

I bet that's something pundits, prognosticators, and super-fans will be discussing a lot during this long off time for the Black and Gold. Heck, let's hope they can get healthy and salvage the season. Otherwise, it's going to be a long year.

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