NEW ORLEANS, La. (103.3 The GOAT) - The New Orleans Saints have been hit or miss this season, some would say mediocre at best. Going into the season many expected the Saints to be a lot better than they have shown. In my opinion, the Saints problems fall on the shoulders of the offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael, head coach Dennis Allen, and the offensive line.

The Saints offensive line has been atrocious this season. It's hard to gauge how good or how bad Derek Carr has been due to the fact that the offensive line has been horrible. Well, the offensive line has taken another hit, as Ryan Ramczyk and James Hurst are injured.

New Orleans Saints Final Injury Report For Thursday Night Football

Photo Credit: Twitter/@JohnJHendrix
Photo Credit: Twitter/@JohnJHendrix

The injuries to Ramczyk and Hurst are horrible for the Saints, and then couple that with backup tackle Landon Young being out as well, makes the situation even worse. The Saints will have major problems tomorrow against the Jaguars even with Trevor Lawrence being questionable but it's not because of the Saints' defense, it's because of the lack of offensive line play. If the Saints continue being piss-poor at blocking the other team's defensive line and linebackers the Saints will be lucky to make the playoffs.

The Saints take the field tomorrow against the Jaguars for Thursday Night Football at 7:15 p.m. in New Orleans.

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