Lafayette is a wonderful city, filled with culture, food, music and some interesting intersections (Camellia/Johnston, anyone?). It's rare that you get to look at all the streets in Lafayette, many times it's because you're making sure you're keeping your eyes on the road, and other times because you just don't drive all over the town, you have your usual patterns and that's about it.

Here's a list of some street names found in Lafayette that you may have never heard of, some of which will make you smile, others will immediately make you visualize the street in a new way. Actually, only 11 make me smile, the last one is kind of sad.

  • 1


    Having grown up in New Orleans, the name Bacchus was synonymous with Mardi Gras. The parade floats, the bands, the parking nightmares and traffic, everything that makes for a festive atmosphere, probably not found on Bacchus

  • 2


    One of two Disney (sort of) themed streets on the list, Bambi sounds like a sweet place to live, until something happens to mother, but your friends will all band together and help you through it.

  • 3

    Bay Rum

    The second Disney-themed street (bit of a stretch). When I hear Bay Rum, the first thing that pops into my head is Captain Jack Sparrow from 'Pirates of the Caribbean' who is on a never ending search for his beloved Black Pearl, as well as the next bottle of rum.

  • 4


    I've seen this street sign for years, but for one reason or another never put the two together. Maybe I was driving down Congress on a Friday when the connection/similarity struck. Now every time I pass by Lafayette High School, I can't help but yell 'Bye Felicie' in my car.

  • 5

    Boring Cir.

    Not much to say here...

  • 6

    Chevy Chase Ave.

    Being a fan of most of the National Lampoon 'Vacation' films (I'm basically ignoring European Vacation), it's great to know that the powers that be in Lafayette have a street named after the comedian (or the city in Maryland, not quite sure which).

  • 7

    Dixie Queen Ct.

    As I mentioned before, having grown up in New Orleans, and near the Mississippi River/Audubon Park area, the first thing that popped into my head when I saw Dixie Queen was the riverboat of the same name. Nothing like a slow ride down the old Mighty Mississippi enjoying the city of New Orleans getting a different view of the buildings and bridges.

  • 8

    Friendship St.

    What a nice sounding street. You could just picture block parties with families all bringing food down to the cul-de-sac and someone's cousin setting up speakers to provide some musical entertainment.

  • 9

    Pansy St.

    Before the word Pansy was used to attack men's masculinity, it was a beautiful flower. But, unless you're a botanist or a connoisseur of all things plants, you're more likely to first recall the other definition.

  • 10

    Playfair Dr.

    Nobody likes a cheater, and cheaters never win (unless you're the Patriots). That's why it would be awesome to live on Playfair Dr. in Lafayette, especially if they live by the meaning of their street name. You won't have to worry about neighbors borrowing your stuff without asking, and you never have to check for marked cards at the next bourree game.

  • 11

    Swoon Dr.

    Be careful when turning on to Swoon Dr. According to the dictionary definition, it's possible you could faint or lose consciousness. You could also lose control of your senses as if you had seen your high school crush for the first time.

  • 12

    Syrup Row

    The last one is kind of sad, actually. Syrup Row sounds like a delicious street, but things weren't so delicious in Boston back in 1919. That's when the syrup factory exploded and poured a river of syrup through the town. It's a tragic story in American history, and one we hope will never repeat itself at the Steen's factory in New Iberia.

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