There have been many mini outbreaks of COVID-19 around football since things got ramped back up. The college programs as well as the National Football League have been effected.

LSU Football had a little outbreak when they first returned to campus during the summer when some players ventured out to Tigerland.

On Thursday Southeastern Conference commissioner Greg Sankey put his foot down once again to reinforce the strict protocols the teams within his conference must abide by or there will be consequences.

According to ESPN's Alex Scarborough, this is the second week in a row in which Sankey has issued a strongly worded memo to his conference regarding COVID protocols.

This memo included said consequences of potential fines to their Universities and even suspensions if there's evidence of breaking protocol on anyone's part.

Within the memo that ESPN obtained it read, "Do not relax -- and do not let those around you relax -- because of a few weeks of success."

These words ring true not just in these times but in all of our lives. When you have success you have to fight the urge to get complacent and the feeling that you're untouchable because that's when things begin to go wrong.

Sankey is doing the right thing by threatening fines or suspensions because what he's really trying to do is make sure that each and every person that is a part of those programs do all they can to stay safe and healthy. From his perspective, all he can do is try and issue these warnings so that teams continue to put themselves in the best possible position to play these football games.

How much will these fines be? According to the memo obtained by ESPN, it's said that anyone who is found to have broken protocol will have 100k removed from their conference revenue and will continue with every violation on a week to week basis.


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