With New Orleans Saints players reporting to training camp in West Virginia this Wednesday, it appears star quarterback Drew Brees will not have a new contract extension in place when camp begins.

According to Saints beat writer and NFL nation reporter Mike Triplett of espn.com, Brees' agent and New Orleans GM Mickey Loomis has not spoken about Brees' deal in over 3 months.

Brees, 37, will soon enter the final year of his contract when he reports to camp in 4 days. Loomis has been able to sign a few players and restructure the contract of a few others to get the Saints below the salary cap.

As a result, Brees could potentially play under the final year of his deal which carries a $30 million salary cap hit.

Brees has publicly stated a deadline to work out a contract extension beyond this season is September 11th, 2016. That date marks the start of the regular season. At that point, Brees will not allow his agent Tom Condon to negotiate his contract (or a future contract) with Loomis until the season ends.

If Brees plays out 2016, he would enter 2017 as a free agent. However, the Saints would have the ability to franchise tag him, giving them a leg up in the negotiations. Brees could counter a potential franchise tag with a holdout at 38 years old.

While neither side likely wants it to come to that, the Saints front office and Condon aren't budging right now either.

It's highly possible Brees can perform at an All-Pro level in 2016, driving up his value.

Currently, his value is already near the top of the league.

Despite is age, Brees has led the NFL in passing 4 of the last 5 seasons, including 4,870 yards, 32 touchdowns and 101.0 QB rating last year.

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