Drew Brees and his sons were part of an adorable Father's Day commercial where the Brees boys described their dad while he secretly listened in.

If you were a fan of Drew Brees before watching this video then you're REALLY going to like him after you see what type of relationship he has with his kids.

The ad from Courtyard Hotels, "The Official Hotel of the NFL" featured dads from around the league and their kids who were asked to describe what type of father they had. As you would expect, the kids spoke the world of their fathers, but they also had no idea their dads were listening in.

Naturally, there were heartwarming moments as the kids answered questions about their dads, but there were funny moments too—like the answer Brees' kids gave when asked who their favorite NFL team was.

Check out the moving video and share it with all the Saints fans you know!

[via New Orleans Saints]

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