He went in there with authority.

Several LSU football players were spotted smoking cigars after their victory against Clemson Monday night, in the Superdome, and there were reports out that some players were threatened with being arrested for smoking in the dome.

Now we have video of a police officer inside the LSU locker room and he appears to be addressing the situation and perhaps something even more.

The officer is seen scolding an LSU player and even appears to be looking for something else other than just a cigar, perhaps alcohol.

Also is the video is former LSU Tiger Odell Beckham Jr. He appears to tap the officer on the butt and then proceeds to get in the face of the officer while singing "Get The Gat."

To our knowledge, no one was detained or arrested in the locker room following the big game in New Orleans.

Tell us what you think about this situation after the game in the comments below.

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