Luck was not on the side of the Pelicans at the NBA Draft Lottery this year as they did not move into the top 4, staying at pick #10.

The Detroit Pistons, who had were tied with the Orlando Magic and Houston Rockets with the best odds of earning the #1 pick at 14.5%, won the draft lottery and own the rights to the number one overall pick.

Oklahoma State point guard Cade Cunningham is the top prospect in the draft.

Houston won the second pick, while the Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors beat the odds to move into the top 4, earning picks 3 and 4 respectively.

The NBA Draft lottery results are as follows:

1. Detroit Pistons

2. Houston Rockets

3. Cleveland Cavaliers

4. Toronto Raptors

5. Orlando Magic

6. Oklahoma City Thunder

7. Golden State Warriors

8. Orlando Magic

9. Sacramento Kings

10. New Orleans Pelicans

11. Charlotte Hornets

12. San Antonio Spurs

13. Indiana Pacers

14.  Golden State Warriors

The NBA Draft is scheduled for Thursday, July 29th.

In addition to the 10th overall pick, the Pelicans own the rights to 4 second-round picks.

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