The NFL is continuing to juggle its 2020 regular-season schedule, due to COVID-19 issues, with nine teams seeing their schedules changed in some way.

Because of COVID-19 outbreaks among the Tennessee Titans and the New England Patriots, those two, along with seven other teams, will have their respective schedules affected through the weekend of November 22.

The Denver Broncos, Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Chargers, New York Jets, and Jacksonville Jaguars will also be affected in some way.

New England's game against Denver, originally scheduled for Sunday, before being moved to Monday, after positive test results, while now be played next Sunday.

The Patriots practice facility was closed both Wednesday and Thursday after quarterback Cam Newton and cornerback Stephon Gilmore were moved to the team's reserve/COVID-19 list before the NFL shut down their facility Sunday morning for the third time in 10 days while further testing was conducted.

Meanwhile, the Titans, who already had a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers rescheduled to October 25, are still scheduled the face the Buffalo Bills on Tuesday.

Now, because that Titans/Bills game remains on the schedule for Tuesday, it obviously forced Thursday night's Bills/Chiefs game to be moved.

The NFL has moved that match-up to Monday, October 19.

Of course, these changes will affect a number of games/teams, with a number of changes forced to be made.

The rest of the changes are below:

Jets at Chargers moved from Week 6 to Week 11.

Jaguars at Chargers moved from Week 8 to Week 7.

Chargers at Broncos moved from Week 11 to Week 8.

Chargers at Dolphins moved from Week 7 to Week 10.

Dolphins at Broncos moved from Week 6 to Week 11.

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