LSU has had numerous great running backs like Kevin Faulk, Jeremy Hill, Dalton Hilliard, and Joseph Addai. But you can't talk about great LSU RBs without Leonard Fournette. The former Tiger great has found a new team in the NFL. Fournette is heading to the AFC with the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills have needed a running back since they drafted Josh Allen. Their running game has been atrocious and some would say the reason why they haven't gotten past the Chiefs to a Super Bowl. Fournette needs this opportunity to show he still has gas in the tank, so this opportunity is huge for him. This can be the perfect second-wife/husband situation for the Bills and Fournette. They may not have been each other's first marriage but this one seems like it's a match made in heaven. The only question is can Fournette handle the cold?

Fournette even tweeted about the weather in Buffalo being extremely cold. Now I honestly think he will be able to adjust and succeed. He has always had the talent and this may be the perfect situation for the former Tiger. Also, this is great for Saints fans who are Tigers fans because you can support Playoff Lenny again now that he is no longer a Buccaneer.

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