Nick Saban will go down as one of the all-time great college football coaches. He has won seven National Championships and have lifted two different athletic programs, LSU and Alabama to new heights.

But when it comes picking a tasty flavor for a cake, Saban flat out turns the ball over.

Somehow Saban can spin a yarn about his grandmother telling him to be patient about the cakes she was cooking to his quarterback battle between Jalen Milroe and Ty Simpson.

The obvious follow-up question. 

“Nick what is your favorite cake?”

Nick Saban - Carrot Cake.  That’s easy.

Carrot cake? 

Courtesy of Kali Peacock
Courtesy of Kali Peacock

Now we’re supposed to have two helpings of vegetables with dinner?  

First with the entree and then for dessert? 

Sure, go-ahead.  Let’s make cake out of squash, lettuce, beets.  Whatever your favorite vegetable may be.

But let me be very clear.  Carrot cake is not a dessert nor even a cake.

Vanilla, chocolate, and even strawberry flavored, otherwise it’s just fruit, are flavors for cake.

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Astrid Stawiarz

And King Cakes are delicious, but please, no vegetables in my cake.

When it comes to coaching Nick Saban will go down in history for his coaching abilties.

When it comes to what type of cake is good, he has some serious improvements to make over the upcoming season.

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