A couple of weeks ago Tom Curran suggested Bill Belichick is on the hot seat in New England. While I find that to be preposterous, let’s go along with it for now.   If Bill is let go and still wants to coach where would he end up?

A couple of caveats to this exercise. While I'm sure he would require some say on the players selected or signed, he won’t have final say.  Someone else will be in charge of player personnel.  That may not actually be the case, but that’s what I’m going with.

The other requirement is the team has to be set at quarterback. At this point, I’m not considering rookie or second year QBs.

1) Los Angeles Chargers - Even since the Chargers blew a 27-0 lead to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the playoffs, Brandon Staley has been on the firing line.  Even surprising some when he kept the job.  Now that Justin Herbert has signed the largest annual contract in NFL history, the pressure increases on Staley.  Without at least a playoff victory, the Chargers job will be available and a perfect landing spot for Belichick

2) Cleveland Browns - I have never been too impressed with Kevin Stefanski.  One week the Browns look like Super Bowl contenders then the following two week, you’re trying to figure out how they ever win a game.  And Stefanski has plenty of reasons/excuses, mostly dealing with Baker Mayfield.  And then DeShaun Watson.   If the Browns finish under .500 this season, why wouldn’t they consider Belichick?  Would he consider them? 

3) New York Jets - Admittedly, this would be out of spite and I’m not convinced Belichick would ruin a 25 year relationship with Robert Kraft just to coach the Jets for a few seasons.  Nonetheless, if the Jets stay relatively healthy this season and don’t make the playoffs under Robert Saleh, in an incredibly difficult AFC, would they consider a change?  I’m thinking Belichick would cherish the chance of coaching Aaron Rodgers.

4) New Orleans Saints - The Saints are the heavy favorite to win the NFC South and very well could challenge Philadelphia and San Francisco for conference supremacy.  Health will play a big factor, but so will Derek Carr.  If the Saints fall short in the post-season or fail to make it all together, it could be a great spot for Belichick to contend for another Super Bowl.

5) Dallas Cowboys - Should Mike McCarthy and the Cowboys have another sub-par season, is Jerry Jones and family really going to bring him back for another middling season?  I doubt it.  And while many will contend Jones and Belichick would be like oil and water, I see it a different way.  Belichick never appears to enjoy his press conferences and while he would still have to do them, because Jones loves the spotlight, Belichick would be under the radar a bit and could concentrate on just coaching.  

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