Matt Bonner, a.k.a the "Red Mamba," is one of the most interesting man in the NBA. It's only right that his retirement video is just as odd as he is.

In his 12-year career, Bonner came off the bench for the Toronto Raptors and the San Antonio Spurs. As a 6'10" big man, he mostly shot threes. Not only was he an odd mix on the court, the red-headed wonder constantly amazed people off the court with his sense of humor and wit.

Bonner is on his way to join the Spurs' broadcast team, where he will surely serve as an excellent color commentator. Before he left the court though, he made sure to say goodbye.

I'm not sure which part made me laugh harder. He walks to the podium eating a sandwich (or is it a taco?), makes an awkward announcement in front of empty seats, then there's a weird voiceover with background photos superimposed over his face, and finally he gives a heartfelt thank you to all the cities he played in after contemplatively walking through scenic landscapes in a basketball jersey.

At the end, you're not quite sure what you saw, which is kind of a metaphor for Bonner's career. Goodbye, Red Mamba. Please keep making videos like this.

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