Prior to signing autographs in Youngsville, Louisiana , former New Orleans Saints running back & current radio broadcaster Deuce McAllister had a few minutes to talk Saints football.

Saints off-season moves...

So far so good. You still need some more pieces. You're pleased with some of the things that they've been able to do. Obviously, you have Derek back and then being able to sign Jameis back. I think that definitely helped solidify that room. You've got to stay healthy. You get Michael Thomas back and I know that was in question for a while there. Biggest problem right now that you see is the depth on the defensive line and being able to add some positions there. Then can you find some pretty good depth with your offensive line? Then I think you solidify the backup position behind Alvin.

On Derek Carr

I think when you talk about new head coaches, new GM, new system, and just a lot of turnover, it didn't work for him in that team. They were expecting him to probably carry a little bit more of the load. I think that's where the Saints can get him some more weapons and fit to his capabilities as far as being a quarterback. Think that you'll see him return to form and be one of the better quarterbacks, not only in the NFC, but in the League.

Saints needs in the upcoming NFL draft

You have to address, I think, that defensive line position, whether it's DE or DT. And then I think also finding a young receiver. If the right quarterback falls to you, you take that player. But they've got to hit probably at least three starters with those draft picks. They've got to find three starters for this year.

Is NFC South wide open?

Yeah, got a good chance as anybody. I don't want to say you're concerned with Carolina, but you have to be impressed what they've been able to do. And defensively, for Atlanta, well, you have to be impressed what they've been able to do. So there's some problems out there in the NFC South. I think the teams will surprise a lot of people. But I think the Saints are primed to be in a really good position to be able to take advantage of it and hopefully win another division.

Who does Carolina pick at #1

I would not be surprised if they take Bryce. I think it's between Bryce and Stroud. I like both of those guys. If it's me, I probably take Stroud, but, man, it would be hard to turn down Bryce Young.

Enjoying his broadcasting career

It's been good. I enjoy teaching. Hopefully a listener or viewer, they learn a little bit when they get to hear me or watch me.

On the LSU Tigers this season

Ton of expectations. I think the talent has always been there. It's just getting those guys to be on the right page. They were able to catch a little lightning with you talk about the quarterback being able to play well and then adjusting to the strength of that team. I think that they'll be probably elite as well this upcoming year. Schedule probably, I don't know how much it does them any favors, but they'll be picked at the top again.





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