Yesterday, the Mid-American Conference (MAC) became the first Division I FBS conference to postpone all of fall sports until the spring.

With occasional games on Tuesday nights every fall, #MACTION became a brand for the conference.

"There are simply too many unknowns to put our student-athletes into situations that are not clearly understood," MAC commissioner Jon Steinbrecher said in a press conference yesterday. "It's not the easy decision, but it was the right decision."

Football schools in the MAC include Akron, Kent State, Buffalo, Bowling Green, Ohio, Miami of Ohio, Central Michigan, Western Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Ball State, Toledo, and Northern Illinois.

With no #MACTION in 2020, the question shifts to who's next? Will one of the other 9  FBS conferences follow suit?

Ross Dellenger of writes cardiac inflammation is an overlooked aspect now entering the conversation among college ADs and Presidents.

Between the heart, traveling, testing, and a plethora of difficult hurdles to attempt to mitigate the virus, is it possible all of college football (and other fall sports) punts until the spring?

It's too early to know whether the MAC is an island or the first domino to the fall in the FBS, but if a Power 5 conference decides to cancel or postpone the fall sports season, I would expect all of college football to eventually do the same.

If they do, will it even be okay to play in the spring?

While we're all hungry for football, and the first college games are scheduled 20 days from now, the 2020 season remains in question.

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