The landscape in college football has been changed forever since the moment the NCAA allowed players to make money off of their name, image, and likeness. We've seen the boom of NIL and how it really affects these different players and schools. One school that has really taken advantage of NIL is LSU.

LSU has two of the top ten NIL earners in Livvy Dunne and Angel Reese. Dunne falls at number three on the list behind Bronny James and Shedeur Sanders. Meanwhile, Angel Reese falls at number eight. For their efforts to change how women utilize NIL, those two athletes received the honor of being the cover athletes for Sports Illustrated in the month of October.

This is a huge honor for the two stars. Inside the issue, Angel Reese discusses how she realized that women basketball players need to utilize NIL as much as possible in college because they make an extreme amount of money compared to their WNBA counterparts. And Dunne is making it her goal to teach women at LSU along with Reese how to get the most out of NIL. They have learned the ins and outs of NIL, and there's a reason why they are on the top ten list for NIL earnings. And it shows if you want to be a superstar go to LSU.

LSU Women's Basketball is coming back off of a championship season and their team is even better than last year after adding another top NIL earner in Hailey Van Lith.

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