LSU continues to be the top school in college athletics. From a women's basketball championship to a men's baseball championship, LSU is the face of collegiate sports. And it makes sense why kids continue to want to go there when it comes to its student-athletes and their NIL deals LSU is number one there as well. Livvy Dunne is proof of that. Dunne continues to dominate NIL as she secured another deal today, as she partnered with Accelerator a new energy drink.

Dunne and Angel Reese are prime examples of why women athletes need to stay in college as long as possible. With the lack of pay for women in the professional ranks, these NIL deals can set up these women athletes for life. Dunne now has partnerships with Motorola, American Eagle, Body Armor, Vuori, Leaf Trading Cards, and now Accelerator.

It will be interesting to see how far Dunne can take it with NIL. It will also be interesting to see if Angel Reese can surpass Dunne after this upcoming basketball season. Because I do believe that if Reese and the Tigers can win another championship then it may be possible for Reese to surpass Dunne. But either way, this is all great promotion for the LSU Tigers.

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