When you hear the name "Dick Vitale" or "Dickie V", you think about college basketball.

The 82-year old ESPN broadcaster and former coach became an icon in the sporting world for his energetic and infectious passion for the sport of college basketball.

Last month, Vitale stepped away from broadcasting college basketball for ESPN following advice from his doctor.

Vitale underwent surgery to remove melanoma in August, then was diagnosed with lymphoma in October, his second cancer diagnosis over the span of three months.

The Hall of Famer has been undergoing chemotherapy in the time since.

Fans hoped he would be able to return to his broadcasting duties this season, but were saddened to learn he won't be able to.

In his update, Vitale shared what he faces next in his battle with cancer.

Well, today, Dr. Z. delivered the news that even though the rest really helped, I need to give my voice an even longer “T.O., Baby!” And there is no doubt I will soon need surgery to solve my Dysplasia and ulcerated lesions of the vocal cords.


It's great to see the spirit that has made Vitale one of the icons in sports broadcasting still alive and well in his statement.

"My voice needs an even longer T.O., BABY!" envelopes the essence of Dickie V.

Two months ago, Vitale returned to ESPN following his short time away as he was undergoing chemotherapy. His emotions, and everyone else's, were on full display.

Vitale aims to return to broadcasting next season.

Rest those vocals and get well soon Dickie V.

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