A black bear is on the loose and we want you to be aware of its sighting.

Sure, we all that Louisiana is the home to many black bears, but in recent years we've seen more and more of them show up in residential areas.

Are the bears, and other wild animals, being forced from their natural habitat or are they just getting a bit braver? We'll let you debate that one.

However, some recent photos on social media show a black bear on the loose and according to Renee Guidry on Facebook, the bear was spotted near the Dollar General in Cathahoula.


The photos show the black bear near a cane field and then in an open space or yard.

Wildlife and Fisheries remind you to always cover your trash cans and to never leave a food source out for bears, they will find it.

If you see a black bear in your area, you can contact the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries at 1-800-256-2749.

Here's the post from Renee Guidry alerting those in the area of the black bear.

Since the above photo was shared on social media, another photo of a black bear has surfaced and this photo shows the bear standing on its back legs while eating from a feeder.

The bear in the photo below appears to be a much larger one, thus we know that there are probably several in the area of Catahoula.


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