Lafayette, LA (103.3 The GOAT)- The Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns new Coordinator of Pitching and Analytics Gunner Leger hopped on SportsChat with Dave Schultz last Thursday afternoon.

Gunner Leger
Photo by Brad Kemp/

Among the topics discussed were the injuries/surgeries following his junior year.  One surgery came about due to a cyst on his leg that was originally discovered while he was in high school, but had grown and concerned Major League Baseball teams when Leger was going thru the draft process.

Brad Kemp/
Brad Kemp/

In addition to suggesting to his doctor which procedure they should go with, the end result was inserting a titanium rod in his leg.  Surprisingly, Leger does not need a special note going thru airport security but can detect changes in the weather.

We also learned, his former Head Coach Tony Robichaux had just started to embrace the world of analytics, what his new role will be with the Cajuns, and how he plans to incorporate analytics.

You can hear both parts of the Gunner Leger interview below.

Gunner Leger on SportsChat w/Dave Schultz

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