Brian Kelly's time at LSU is already starting with so much vitriol. From the initial announcement, the response from social media was torn right down the middle. Some reacted positively while others reacted negatively to the announcement, but what most could all agree on was that Brian Kelly is a good X's & O's coach. Well, the internet and social media are now on his case for potentially using a fake southern accent in his welcome speech during halftime of the LSU/Ohio basketball game.

Social media is not buying that, that voice is Brian Kelly's natural accent.

Someone on Twitter even found a clip of Brian Kelly talking earlier in the week and compared it to his speech at the LSU Basketball game.

The evidence is not in Brian Kelly's favor. To me, it's pretty clear that he faked a southern accent. And I don't think LSU fans will react well to this. This isn't a great start for the head coach; however, winning cures all and if he can win some big recruits people will forget about this. Do you think Brian Kelly faked a southern accent?

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