When Sean Payton told us he'd see us "on the neutral ground," he wasn't lying.

Twitter user @jethro517 and his wife decided to head out to the parades to take in the sights and hopefully catch some good throws. As they set up shop at Camp and Napolean to get ready for the revelry, they noticed someone who looked like former New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton.

Almost immediately, they realized it WAS Sean Payton.

Upon being recognized, Coach Payton told them to keep it chill.

The NOLA couple (clearly, both HUGE Saints fans) could barely contain their excitement.

But in the end, they were able to snap it up with Coach Payton.

Reactions from Saints fans and the collective internet at large shared in the joy of this amazing experience.

Others pointed out how great Coach Sean Payton looked and that he really is out here "living his best life."

What's even better is that Coach Payton acknowledged the couple, saying it was great meeting them after the photo went viral on Twitter.

As the photo continued to show up in newsfeeds people couldn't help but share their excitement over Coach Sean Payton taking in Mardi Gras for the first time since retiring nearly a month ago.


Could you imagine any other NFL coach living life to the fullest like this?

For the record, Sean did take out a full-page ad to let us know this would happen.

Where will we see Neutral Ground Sean show up next?

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