The Denver Broncos are in the midst of a culture shift based on their new coach's values and identity. Sean Payton is usually a fun guy when his team is winning; however, when they are bad Payton is a mean old curmudgeon. And Broncos fans just found that out as Payton tore into his new QB Russell Wilson before the Broncos have even played a game.

Personally, I agree with Payton. Wilson comes off to others as fake. I couldn't imagine how he acts in the locker room attempting to be a leader. I can only imagine that his pregame speeches and conversations are extremely gimmicky and fake based on his personality and what he portrays to the media and the fans.

This can either go one of two ways. Wilson can take this criticism, grow from it, and improve his gameplay. Or Wilson can take this criticism personally and allow this to affect him and his play. I think we will find out how tough and how thick Wilson's skin is from these comments.

The Broncos take the field this Sunday, September 10th against the Las Vegas Raiders at 3:25 pm.

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