Saints rookie Chris Olave has been mentioned in the conversation for rookie of the year almost all season.

Several blogs have been written, some by yours truly, about the young receiver's astounding talent and excellent play throughout the season.

I even called my shot for him to be offensive Rookie of the Year way back in October.

Unfortunately, it seems like recency bias has taken over the NFL.

Garrett Wilson and Kenneth Walker both had excellent seasons. Wilson managed 1000 yards himself, and Walker carried 200 times without a fumble, just to throw out a few impressive stats.

But Brock Purdy?

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Don't get me wrong, what Purdy has done as "Mr. Irrelevant", leading the Niners into a deep playoff run despite his lack of experience, it's impressive. But in no way has he earned that spot over Chris Olave.

The numbers don't lie.

Fans are equally unimpressed by Olave being left out.

Hopefully the Black and Gold can right the ship, and next year Chris Olave will get a chance to show everyone just how wrong they were to leave him out.

I knew I would jinx it.

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