LSU and its football team just went through a very public divorce with a coach in Coach O that was beloved by the state for bringing in a championship. But after the scandals and losing seasons enough was enough. And I believe that Brian Kelly is proving why he was the right hire

Media day just passed in the SEC and one thing was for sure, Brian Kelly added stability to LSU. Kelly is adding the type of discipline and stability the Tigers haven't seen since Nick Saban. Kelly referred to a specific game last season when discussing the conditioning regiment of the Tigers. He stated that the team wouldn't go into this year's season opener with camp legs they will be ready.

It goes to show how different Kelly is as a coach. To go back and look through all the details of last season to figure out what this team needs to succeed, shows the type of meticulous process Kelly has. Also his dedication to having his kids both mentally and physically prepared.

He also went on to state that the coaches will also be on point this season. Many times since Coach O won the championship fans were questioning him and his staff. Kelly believes that the LSU fans are too smart and know good football when they see it. He believes everyone has to be on a string and operate at a high level for them to succeed.

Even players like former STM standout Jack Bech acknowledged the differences with Coach Kelly. He stated how Kelly has added accountability, grit, and just the right mindset into the LSU culture. Even LSU's Mike Jones went on to say that 5-10 years from now we will see that Coach Kelly was the perfect hire.

This LSU team is receiving a structure and culture that hasn't been here since the Saban days. And to be quite frank after Miles and Coach O LSU needs this type of coach. He is someone who won't tolerate nonsense but at the same time is a hell of a coach. This season will be very interesting to see because I do believe LSU will have at least 9 wins. However can Coach Kelly eclipse that total and compete for an SEC Championship, well at least he believes it.

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