Which city ranked as the second top local market for ESPN's broadcast of LSU's 42-25 win over Clemson in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game back on February 13?

I'm asking for the #2-rated market because the top market is obvious; New Orleans.

ESPN lists New Orleans as the highest-rated Nielsen market for the game, with a 48.9 rating for the game.

That means that about half of the television sets in the NOLA market were tuned into the game.

You might guess that Greenville, South, the closest Nielsen market to Clemson, South Carolina, would be the number two market, but that is not the case.

The answer is Birmingham, Alabama.

Birmingham scored a 42.7 rating, while Greenville came in third, drawing a 33.9 rating.

Knoxville, Tennessee (26.5) and Columbus, Ohio (26.4), rounded out the top five.

Atlanta, Charlotte, Austin, Nashville, and Oklahoma City ranked 6-10, respectively, on the list.

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