The votes have been tallied and the people have spoken, we now have our finalist in the Ragin' Cajuns Baseball best players in the Robe era bracket.

On the hitter's side, it was between Jonathan Lucroy and Scott Hawkins and the best hitter in the Robe era is... JONATHAN LUCROY! Lucroy received 66% of the vote to defeat Hawkins.

As for the pitchers it came down to Gunner Leger and Scott Dohmann and the best pitcher in the Robe era is... SCOTT DOHMANN! Dohman defeated Gunner Leger with 63% of the vote.

So, that means we've got the number one seed Dohmann vs. the number two seed Lucroy for the best player during the Robe era... Who will reign victorious? That's up to you... Vote now!

Voting ends 9 a.m. on Saturday where we'll have the final results.


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