Last night marked the end of the college football season.

Georgia completely dominated TCU by the score of 65-7 in a game most of America turned off in the second half.

While the game was a dud, the pregame atmosphere was as well.

Tailgating is as much a part of college football as the play on the field, especially in states like Texas and Georgia.

Despite this, the title game took place at Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles, where they put into a place a strict "no tailgating" policy.

On top of L.A. being a terrible sports college town, and no tailgating taking place before the biggest game of the season, Sofi Stadium offered up another reason it should never host a national championship game.

Since they didn't want you to have a few beverages with your fanatic friends in the parking lot, the beer prices at the game were completely over the top.

$17 can go a long way at a tailgate. It'll only buy you a single "premium" beer at the National Championship.

Another reminder that the National Championship game should never be held in Los Angeles.

In fact, put the game in New Orleans every season. No one will complain.

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