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Have you ever wanted something so badly that you'd be willing to put in any amount of hard work to achieve that goal?

Meet LB Jacques Boudreaux, formerly of the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns whose dreams have been put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He was left undrafted during the recent 2020 NFL Draft and wasn't immediately signed as an undrafted free-agent so now, he waits. But, just because he's waiting doesn't mean he's not working as the late, great Tony Robichaux always preached "Work while you wait."

Boudreaux has no other choice, he has the dream of playing professional football and specifically in the NFL one day but things are at a standstill right now.

On Tuesday, the New Orleans native stopped by The Word With G for the hour to tell us about his story, recant his younger days, and how he developed his passion for the game of football. In addition, we learned about his time playing in high school, how he developed into a linebacker, how he was recruited to the University of Louisiana, and his time playing for the Ragin' Cajuns.

He was also a major part of a transition within the football program when Billy Napier took over and he elaborated on what the entire situation was like, how that change might have been one of the best things to happen to his football career and much more.

In case you missed it, relive the conversation here:


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