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Put yourself in the shoes, just for a second, of a professional athlete wearing a number that means a lot to you. Maybe it has special meaning because of a parent, friend or mentor inspired you, what would it take for you to give that number up to another player that your team recently acquired?

For New Orleans Saints Pro-Bowl kicker Wil Lutz he faces that very question. There's nothing documented as to why Lutz wears the number 3 but Jameis Winston is a bigger name and that's been his number since he entered the NFL in 2015, the lone season he was named a Pro-Bowler.

Winston could conceivably rock with the number he wore at Florida State in number 5 but Lutz said via Twitter earlier this week that if Winston wants the number he's open to negotiation.

So, two questions to you.

First, what would you ask for if it were your jersey that another player wanted?

Second, what do you think Winston will do?

Personally, I think he'll revert back to his old number 5 jersey and dust that number off where he was very good in college but it'll be interesting to see how this story unfolds.


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